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Opinions Released the Month of December, 2022

21-7021National Railroad Passenger Corporation v. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
15-1054Center for Biological Diversity v. EPA
21-1182Christopher Garvey v. Administrative Review Board
22-5234Jaskirat Singh v. David Berger
22-7012Jabari Stafford v. George Washington University
21-1139Waterkeepers Chesapeake v. FERC
21-1233China Telecom (Americas) Corporation v. FCC
21-5215USA v. China Telecom (Americas) Corporation
22-5018USA v. Three Sums Totaling $612,168.23 in Seized United States Currency
19-5161Citizens for Responsibility v. FEC [ORDER IN SLIP OPINION FORMAT]
21-5195Matthew Green v. DOJ
20-5291Humane Society of the United States v. AGRI [ORDER IN SLIP OPINION FORMAT]
20-1453American Clean Power Assoc v. FERC
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