How to Become a District Court Mediator

Volunteer mediators for the U.S. District Court are selected by the mediation staff and approved by the court. At any given time, the court has approximately 150 active volunteers. New mediators are added to the pool every two years or more or less often depending upon the court’s needs. Members of the pool must be members of the District Court bar, and most have been admitted to the D.C. Bar and have been practicing law for at least ten years. All new mediators must take part in a two-day training session taught by professional mediators and the court’s mediation staff. If you are interested in serving as a USDC mediator, please complete the Mediator Form and send it, together with your resume and any additional information you may wish to include, to the mediation program office. You may also contact Carolyn Lerner at (202) 216-7342 to ascertain if and when the court intends to train a new class.

Upcoming Mediator Events

There are no events scheduled at this time.