Scott Ellermets is the Assistant Circuit Executive for Space and Facilities and has served in this position since November 2006. Prior to joining the Court, he was the Senior Project Manager for the William B. Bryant Annex Project for Jacobs Facilities Inc. As Senior Project Manager, Mr. Ellermets managed the project budget and schedule, reviewed designs, inspected the building during construction, resolved construction problems, and served as a liaison between the contractors, GSA, the courts, and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Before his assignment to the Annex Project, Mr. Ellermets served for five years as the Senior Project Manager for the Hammond Federal Courthouse Project (Hammond, Indiana) and for two years as the Senior Project Manager for the Milwaukee Federal Courthouse Renovation Project (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). In addition to managing courthouse construction projects, he has managed construction projects for a school district in Illinois, a police lab in New York City, and a U.S. Embassy in the Republic of South Africa. Mr. Ellermets earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University in 1988 and has received a number of certifications in various construction disciplines over the past several years.