Circuit Executive's Office
  • Betsy Paret, Circuit Executive
  • Steven G. Gallagher, Deputy Circuit Executive
  • Assistant Circuit Executive
  • Steve Kaplan, Assistant Circuit Executive
  • Michael Gala, Assistant Circuit Executive
    Clerk's Office
    • Mark J. Langer, Clerk
    • Marilyn Sargent, Chief Deputy Clerk
    • Mark A. Butler, Special Counsel to the Clerk
    • Rebecca Thompson, Special Counsel to the Clerk
    • Nancy Dunn, Deputy Special Counsel to the Clerk
    • Cheri Carter, Operations Manager
    • Yvonne Malatino, Administrative Manager
    • Martha J. Tomich, Legal Division Director
    • Melissa McKenney Ryan, Legal Division Director
    • Clifton Cislak, Legal Division Assistant Director
    • Scott Atchue, Operations Manager
      • Patricia Michalowskij, Circuit Librarian
      • Terri Santella, Deputy Circuit Librarian
        Mediation Programs
        • No items found
          Special Assistant to the Chief Judge
          • Tracy Hauser Scarrow